Kayaks can be put in at Ridgeview Park in town, about 2.5 mi from Heritage Hill, and a leisurely 5 mile float can be had down the South River.   There are slow moving sections past old town Waynesboro, and past the historic location of Gallaher’s mill, and the Augusta Hardwood Company, as well as a few exciting, but brief sections of rapids here and there.  Two small dams can be either portaged around, or safely kayaked over given decent water levels.  The river is teaming with trout, bass, sunnies, and other small fish, as well as herons, osprey’s, geese, and an occasional beaver.  We’ve even sighted a bald eagle near the river.  The trip back to Heritage Hill usually takes about an hour given the right river conditions, and you will arrive back at Basic Park just across the river from our B&B where we can pick you up to bring you back.  We have a two person kayak, and two single person kayaks that our guests are free to use.  A signed waiver will be required prior to use of the kayaks.

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